About us


  • If you want to effectively sell or search for a property, please report its parameters to the APPLICATION form,
  • we will respond to your inquiry within 1 hour,
  • after mutual agreement of details and your expectations regarding the scope of legal services, we will start searching for the right contractor.


  • After mutual agreement of details, we will take action based on a previously signed agreement between the parties:
  • OPEN AGREEMENT - presentation of 35 portals, service in the full range of real estate.
  • EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT - presentation of 35 websites, additionally foreign portals, above-standard full legal service, presentation of a virtual visit.


  • Cooperation with us generates a significant saving of search time and costs of individual searching for a contractor or real estate.
  • That's what distinguishes us; we provide a package of above-standard legal services and presentation of real estate in foreign portals. In the case of searching for properties, we selectively select offers from among those taking into account the use of new technologies.


  • At the client's request, we define FUTURE RATTING for the selected property based on the analysis of real estate markets.
  • Anticipation of future economic behavior for a given property in the context of development and growth of markets, taking into account the close surroundings of the selected investment. as well as technological evolution. The effect of using this compendium is the added value, that is, the potential of knowledge about real estate at the start-up time for its buyer.

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